Here’s a bunch of links to tools and other goodies that I’ve found to be helpful to down right necessary to game development. I’ll add more stuff here along the way, but I just wanted to get this started.  Feel free to bookmark this for easy reference.  Enjoy!

NOTE – in efforts to be completely transparent with you, some of these are affiliate links.  If you feel that this site is supplying value to you, please use these links as a way to show support.  If not, that’s cool too.  No worries.

Game Engines

  • Unity3D – Pretty much the only engine we use in Fenix Fire.  I’ve worked in many proprietary “hot rod” engines in AAA development, but none of them compare to the power and ease of use that Unity offers.  Not to mention the low price and wide array of platform deployment options. To me, this is a no brainer.
  • Unreal – A great looking engine, but considered to be a little less “flexible” than Unity.  That said, it’s great for shooter and vehicle games. It also excels at the “next gen look” of gritty environments.  If this is the kind of game you want to make then Unreal is hard to beat.

Art Tools

  • Adobe Photoshop – The best image editing software available.  No point in using anything else.
  • Autodesk 3DS Max – A top industry 3d modeling and animation package.  Used on most games and lots of special effects.
  • Autodesk Maya– Another top industry 3d modeling and animation package.  Most movies use this but some games do too.  Some peole say it does better with animation but not as good with 3d modeling.
  • Pixologic ZBrush A specialty package for creating super detailed models.  Used by all high end games and most movies.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro – If you want to show trailers and video of your game, you’ll need a good video editor.  I’ve used this for years and never had a problem.

Art Tutorials/Inspiration

  • Gnomon Workshop – Awesome tutorials on just about any kind of 2d and 3d art creation taught by top industry professionals.
  • 3D Total – Really nice galleries and tutorials of 3D art.  Perfect to browse and open your mind to character, vehicle and environment designs.
  • Concept Art World – Just found this one.  Amazing galleries of top tier concept art.

Art Resources

  • CG Textures Free high res royalty free textures to use use on your 3d models.  What more can you ask for?
  • Turbo Squid – Huge online store of 3d models for use, royalty free.
  • Unity Asset Store – Unity specific plugins and art assets.  Huge time saver for any Unity project.

Game Design and Programming Books


  • eLance
  • Audio Network PLC
  • Sound Rangers

Cloud and Hosting

  • Netwisp
  • Bit

Mobile Marketing Tools

  • AppFigures
  • AppAnnie

Unity Plugins

  • Prime 31
  • Unity Asset Store

Mobile Advertisers

  • PlayHaven

Mobile PR Firms

  • Triple Point

Project Management

  • Wrike

Social Media Tools

  • Hootsuite