About The Game Design Dojo

The Game Design Dojo is a podcast all about the design, production, and publishing of video games from an indie game developer perspective.  Being indie ourselves, while both having AAA console experience has awarded us the unique ability to see both sides of the paradigm shift that the game industry is going through today.

Digital download has changed everything, thanks to Apple and the iTunes store, and now all the other platforms have followed suit.  Gone are the days of gatekeepers and closed markets, open to only a select few.  Now anyone can publish a game and be successful at it, and you don’t need a super huge hit like Call of Duty or Angry Birds to make a living making games.

That said, there is a ton of topics to explore, practice, and master.  The game industry is the perfect balance of business and art, but both sides can be deep, daunting topics to say the least.  We’re not saying we have all the answers, but here at the Game Design Dojo, we’re here to share our experience and explore these topics with you.

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A Word From Ike

Brian and I each have been working as professionals in the industry since 2000. Although we had different journeys our paths have cross many times during that period. This industry has changed a lot during these years, and the landscape continues to change today. We’d often look to each other for help on how to approach the many dilemmas of this industry and talk on the phone for hours, so when Brian approached me to share some of these conversations I jumped on board right away. Game companies are smaller now, and most developers are starting out on their own from day one. Our goal is to both help mentor younger developers to avoid some of the mistakes that we’ve made, as well as give some of the seasoned developers some inspiration on how to handle some of the industry transitions we seem to constantly be going through. In our hearts we are both entertainers and will continue to improve our craft of game development. Come join us, the water is warm!